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Sorina Brutaru

Brutaru Sorina

Personal trainer and Nutritionist


My name is Sorina. My passion for movement dates back to high school where my favorite subject was Physical Education. Later I did Athletics, Volleyball, Tennis, Table Tennis, and then transitioned to Fitness and Body Reshaping which quickly became a passion.

In time, I became specialized by taking the Personal Trainer course by Fitness Scandinavia, the most popular Fitness school in Romania recognized at national and international levels.

My path continues and my motto is "Continuous Learning". I am currently enrolled in the nutrition course by the same school. I’m glad to be part of the Optimize Body Center team where I am waiting for you at my personal training sessions.

The fact that I went through a transformation both physically and mentally helped me understand through my own body the whole process and that is why I decided to help as many people as possible go through the journey to a healthy and balanced lifestyle more easily.