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Cristian Drăghiceanu

Cristian Drăghiceanu

Osteopath and Physiotherapist

I am ambitious and a perfectionist, qualities that brought me success in my field, although this is often considered an impediment. I was a performance athlete for 16 years, which gave me the opportunity to understand the importance of a correct posture and of a proper rehabilitation done by a specialized clinic. It was the first step in realizing that I wanted to work in the medical field.

At a professional level, I can say that I am in continuous improvement. After 3 years of bachelors degree in Physical Therapy and Special Motricity, 2 years of Master in Functional and Neurological Somato Reeducation, I felt it was time to approach each patient's situation and life completely differently, which led to enrollment in the First School of Osteopathy in Romania.

I can say that until the age of 28 I accumulated a vast experience resulting both from the courses I completed and from the collaborations with the Women's Basketball Team U Cluj and Dinamo Bucharest.

At the same time, the collaboration for a period of 3 years with the National Tennis Teams and with the tennis player Marius Copil on the ATP circuit, led to a professional fulfillment for which I am grateful.