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This is the first step you take to improve how your body performs and feels.

The full body assessment is comprised of a clinical exam done by our specialists and a thorough review of your whole medical history and patterns that created the problem in the first place.

This clinical exam is a series of tests and procedures designed to determine with great accuracy:
-    Musculoskeletal imbalances (poor posture, muscle dysfunctions, joint issues etc.);
-    Biomechanical abnormalities (compensating behaviors, incorrect movement patterns);
-    Specific tests based on your injuries;
-    Internal organ functions (a consultation with our osteopath).

Based on the evaluation and your specific needs, we create a treatment or fitness plan that will deliver guaranteed results that will endure the test of time (we need your full cooperation for this to work).

Take the first step and book an appointment here: 0747 141 141