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Georgian Sandu

Georgian Sandu

Operational Manager & Fitness Specialist

I had a passion for movement from a very young age, in every moment of my life until now I have had at least one activity that involves physical effort. I took the step of becoming a personal trainer a few years ago out of a desire to share with others what I had learned so far about the human body and how to train it.

The foundation for my career involved graduating from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and the Fitness Scandinavia course were, alongside other relevant courses in the field. Later I moved to the position of offering my experience and knowledge to future coaches as Master Trainer of the Fitness Scandinavia school. The preferred training style is 3D and its variations.

I believe that restoring the functionality of the human body is the basis of general health. Without a body capable of moving properly and in optimal operating parameters, everything we build beside it will suffer.