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Georgiana Cojoc

Georgiana Cojoc

Marketing & PR

My passion for marketing started about 5 years ago. I have since felt that it is a field that connects me with everything that is new, with the needs of customers and a place where I have to adapt and always look for new solutions and ideas for growth.

I have a master's degree in “Tourism Management and Marketing” at the Faculty of Business and Tourism, ASE Bucharest. More than 3 years followed in which I worked in a travel agency, a place where I learned many new things, I collaborated with a number of corporate clients in the agency's portfolio and I became better prepared to manage all types of challenges.

I am currently a part of the Optimize Body Center team and I am happy to be in such a dynamic and growth focused environment where I can shine and put my skills to the best use.

I am a realistic person with the belief that passion builds and sustains the drive to do great things.