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Medical Nutrition

"We are what we eat!"

Nutrition is one of the three key elements needed in order to reach physical and mental Health and wellbeing (training, rest and nutrition) and it must be included in our top priorities.


The nutritional evaluation is the first step when we build your nutritional plan. In order to guarantee success, our evaluation has the following structure:


Food log - to be able to make a change, we must first become aware of our food choices and behavior when it comes to food.

By tracking what we eat, drink, how we feel after we eat, etc. for 5-7 days we gather valuable information that helps us build a solid plan, tailored to you specifically. This log must be filled before coming to our center.


Anamnesis - a series of questions meant to give us information about your Health (past events and current level). It must be filled before coming to our center.


BMR measurements - using indirect calorimetry, the most accurate method to measure the level of energy your body requires at rest (Basal Metabolic Rate) we build your plan with greater precision. Standard calculations can be way off especially if you have medical issues. The device used is Fitmate Pro, a medically approved device that has the following functions, beside measuring BMR:


·       Calculating VO2Max (determining the maximal O2 consumption when doing intense aerobic effort)

·       Energy consumption during effort

·       Determining the anaerobic threshold (vital when doing aerobic sports)

·       Measuring the heart rate

·       BMI calculations (body mass index)


Body measurements and circumferences - to be able to monitor progress, we keep track not only of kilo’s lost or gained but also hydration, adipose tissue, bone density and lean mass using a professional scale.


Together with the scale, we measure circumferences in key areas (waist, hips, thighs, arms).


Educational seminar - education sits at the base of the pyramid when we want our changes to be long term. To better understand the process we offer a session of 60-90 minutes in which we talk about the principles that govern our bodies (metabolism, macronutrients, hydration, healthy choices and cooking methods) and also our specific approach in the plan. At the end, a PDF file with all the information delivered during the seminar will be sent via email.


In 48 working ours you will receive your plan.

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