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MOVEMENT THERAPY (active part of Physiotherapy)

MOVEMENT THERAPY (Medical Gymnastics, Recovery) - a sequence of procedures and exercises used for recovery, prevention and therapeutic purposes, which uses body movement to recover from certain conditions. The benefits of using movement therapy:

  • Better posture and body alignment;
  • Increased joint mobility and stability;
  • Eliminating muscle contractures;
  • Recovery, strength boost and muscular endurance;
  • Improving coordination and balance;
  • Preparing the body for the physical strains of Medical Fitness;
  • Improving respiratory functions;
  • Nervous system re-education;
  • Gait corrections.
Some examples of medical conditions that we treat through physiotherapy at OBC:
  • Musculoskeletal system issues;
  • Orthopedic or traumatic conditions (sprains, dislocations, concussions, fractures, surgeries);
  • Problems of the spine's discs (discopathies, lumbosciatica);
  • Spine malalignments and disorders (kyphosis, scoliosis, vicious attitudes);
  • Rheumatic or degenerative diseases (cervical spondylosis, osteoarthritis of the knee, hip,  scapulohumeral  periarthritis)
  • Issues of the cardiovascular system;
  • Respiratory problems;
  • Neuropsychiatric disorders - stress, anxiety, depression;
  • Metabolic diseases - obesity;
  • Congenital diseases - neuro-muscular dystrophy, congenital hip dislocation, tetraplegia.
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