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Osteopathy is a medical branch that uses direct manipulation (the hands of the therapist and tools like the physio blade, needles, cupping therapy) of segments, fascia and organs in order to restore balance and proper function. It diagnoses and treats a wide spectrum of problems:

Osteopathy treats:
  • nervous system malfunctions (migraines, headaches, fascial neuralgia, etc.);
  • respiratory system deficiencies (ENT, ophthalmology);
  • cardiovascular system irregularities (palpitations, circulatory disorders of the lower limbs);
  • digestive system issues (aerophagia, flatulence, dyspepsia, gastritis and the consequences of gastric hyperacidity);
  • locomotor system abnormalities (spine pain, mobility restrictions of all peripheral joints, occlusal and temporo-mandibular dysfunctions, tendinitis);
  • neuro-vegetative system problems (anxiety, depressive states, sleep disorders);
  • post-traumatic and surgical sequelae (scars, sprains, falls).
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