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Performance training is the process of building the physical skills needed in specific sports. The programming our specialists design is tailored to the specific sport of the athlete and the genetic and biomechanical specifics of the athlete.

We offer:

  • initial assessment tests;
  • customized training plan;
  • video monitoring sports evolution;
  • correction of motor skills and their development according to the needs of each athlete;
  • specific general physical training.

We address athletes who are in the early stages in their development, performance athletes and those who want to train holistically and build a solid base of physical qualities suitable for any sport they want to practice in the future. We work with children, teenagers and adults.

We can also collaborate with groups or teams in order to develop personalized physical abilities adapted to the sport in question. In this situation, the trainings will take place in the sports base belonging to the club or in any other location established later.

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