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Pre- and post-natal therapies help to prepare the body before and after birth, in order to facilitate the development in the easiest possible conditions in one of the most beautiful moments in life, and then the re-entry as quickly as possible into daily activities.

Pregnancy is an extraordinarily beautiful physiological process that many women go through without too many problems, but there can be complex situations where the intervention of a specialist is needed that involves specific manual techniques to help solve the problem. Whatever the situation, we are here to help.

How can we help you?

  • Manual techniques - which help to mobilize the joints and activate the soft tissue combined with stretching and muscle strengthening exercises that will help you keep the body muscles active, especially the torso to optimize posture during and after pregnancy;
  • Exercises - we will help you strengthen the muscles that have been stretched and stretch the ones that have been subjected to tension;
  • Position during sleep - we will teach you how to place the special pregnant quilt so as to not put pressure on the important blood vessels in the abdominal area and at the same time keep comfort;
  • Breathing techniques - we will teach you how to position yourself and how to consciously control your diaphragm to have optimal breathing during pregnancy.
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