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Rehabilitation done right!
The proper physical exam is the key to solving the problem! Come identify the sources/behaviors responsible for your pain!
We offer you our whole attention and skills!
Your health deserves our whole energy and knowledge! You are always surrounded by a team of specialists who’s sole purpose is to deliver results at the highest standards. OUR standards.
Test your current level and shatter the limits to your performance with us!

About us

Optimize Body Center, founded in 2019, has a unique concept at it’s core: creating a greatly needed bridge between medical practices (physiotherapy, osteopathy, Yumeiho therapy, Therapeutic massage) and Physical Fitness (medical fitness, performance training, nutrition, supplementation). We truly believe, and it has already been proven by our clients, that any form of recovery must be sustained in the long term by frequent and appropriate movement sessions to further build upon that recovery process.

The first step is the full body evaluation, a powerful tool used to set the ground base for the treatment/fitness plan. The plan has a multidimensional approach to your recovery/health (a timeframe for your results to be delivered, movement patterns during the sessions and your daily activities, actions that you have to take to improve your health in matters of nutrition and rest). With a wide variety of services, we cover a broad spectrum of health issues and are able to provide a personalized solution that will bring results in the shortest amount of time!

Don’t take our word for it, our clients’ results are a testimony to our method!

Why us?

Medical Recovery, Medical Fitness and Medical Nutrition

At this moment, in Bucharest, only at Optimize Body Center can you reap the benefits of unifying these three critical areas: Medical Recovery (Osteopathy, Kinesiotherapy, Physiotherapy, Yumeiho etc.), Medical Fitness and Medical Nutrition where specialists collaborate with each other so that YOU can get the best results.

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